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Aaron Dodd (UK)

(с 2015 уч.года - наст.время)

"I am now in my fifth year of teaching English (twelfth year of teaching in general) and every year I find something new that fascinates me. Culture and language are two very big interests of mine and every new school I work at, every new student I meet, I like to learn about who they are and how they do things. I dedicate a lot of my time to my students, with a special focus on writing. Teaching is a passion for me, not just a job. There’s no such thing as a stupid dream, I want to know what students want and to do what I can to help them achieve it. I have worked in The Czech Republic, England, Wales and online teaching English, and I have friends and loved ones dotted all over the world. In a foreign land, I am in my element, though I do tend to miss rugby and my music studio which is currently boxed up in my parents garage."

Michael McIntyre (USA)

(2014 teaching year)

When I told my friends and family I was going to Russia, they were shocked. I had just returned, weary, from a 13-month sojourn teaching English in China, and now, only a few months after returning to America, and a place I once called home, I was leaving again, and to Russia, cold, snow-driven, dreary Russia. I had no difficulty making the decision. I want to teach in the Russia of Peter the Great, the Russia of Karl Marx and Lenin, the Russia of Dostoevsky and Pushkin. I want to be a gateway for students towards English, a key which opens doors of communication on an international level. Additionally, any decent teacher is also a student, and I wanted to become not only a student of Russian, but a student of Russia. I cannot wait to learn the language of Russia’s storied history, the culture of its monuments and structures, and the humanity bustling in its streets. With this learning, I hope I can also impart to my students an understanding and appreciation of cultures separate from their own, while doing the same myself.

Jennifer Grant (UK)

(2014 teaching year)

I have been teaching English around the world for nearly two years, and I absolutely love it. I can't imagine many jobs that I would find more satisfying or rewarding.Having studied French at school, and then the smallest amount of Japanese as an adult I have the up most respect for my students whom have chosen to embark on the challenge of learning a new language, their motivation and enthusiasm is often totally inspiring. I can't wait to discover more about Russian culture and hopefully explore the countryside in the spring.

David Upshall (UK)

(2014 teaching year)

Well if someone had told me that I would be teaching English in Russia a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have believed them! Living and working in another country is a challenge that I’ve wanted to undertake for quite some time – and what better place to come than the ‘mystery inside an enigma’ that is Russia? Having grown up in Yorkshire, England and graduated from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, I am very excited to be teaching at English-In from 2014-15. My previous experience includes teaching English language in the United Kingdom and Finland to children, teenagers, and adults. After receiving my initial teaching certification, I have maintained an acute interest in linguistics. The languages of Europe and Russia are said to have developed from the same tongue, and by looking at how these have diverged can help me better understand and help with the challenges that Russian-speakers face when learning my native language.

Kathryn Martin (UK)

(2013-2014 teaching year)

I have been studying languages now for more than half my life, and I decided that it was time to start passing on my love of language to other people – that’s why I decided to become a teacher at English In. Having studied Russian language for several years, I feel like I understand some of the hurdles that the Russian brain has to overcome to understand English logic – as they’re similar to the challenges I’d faced in learning Russian myself. I want to infect other people with my passion for languages, words and cultures! Helping people succeed in learning new skills that change their lives and open their horizons to all kinds of new possibilities has been intensely rewarding! Lastly I wanted to learn more about the country I love – Russia, and the people who live there, cultures and traditions, and to make friends for a lifetime.

Tasha Burke (UK)

(2013-2014 teaching year)

"I have been interested in teaching from a young age and after completing my degree in Russian Studies at the University of Nottingham I decided to combine both my interests by comming to Russia to teach English. I chose English-In on the recommendation of a friend and I am very glad that I did. From the moment of my arrival everyone was extremely welcoming and friendly. I enjoyed working with a variety of different groups of both adults and children who are as passionate about learning languages as I am. It is very rewarding for me when I can see the progress made by my students. I have also enhanced my own understanding of Russian culture and traditions thanks to many interesting conversations with students. Working here has been a wonderful experience for me and I am very glad to have had this opportunity."

James McDonald (UK)

(2012-2013 teaching year)

I decided to become an English teacher because I understand the importance of English in the 21st Century and I enjoy helping people. I studied French and German at the University of Nottingham, and therefore understand the difficulties of learning a language, so I thought it would be a good idea to use this knowledge to teach my mother tongue. The most interesting part of teaching English as a foreign language is communicating with students; they're always full of ideas that I would never think of myself! Why Russia, you might ask? Well, I visited Russia in 2007 and 2011, and the country has always fascinated me, so I thought it would be interesting to discover Russia and experience Russian life!

Jonathan Tucker (UK)

(2011-2012 teaching year)

Britt Singer (USA)

(2010-2013 teaching year)

Well I became a teacher because I have always enjoyed helping people. Teaching runs in the family. My Grandfather was a professor at the University of Louisville, my aunt is studying to become a professor in Art History, my older brother is studying to become a professor in Theology, and I studied to become a professor of Russian History. Which is why I choose to come to Russia. After studying the language, history, and culture for several years at the University of Louisville I had come to the conclusion that there is no other country like Russia. A country that is unique in its own way, and I wish to pursue a deeper understanding of that notion. There is a thrill that comes from teaching... the thrill that only a teacher can have; when you see that a student has understood a difficult point and a "light-bulb" goes off in their head! That moment, is the best moment for any teacher. It is the moment that I personally look forward to!

Maria Emelina (RUS)

Moscow State Pedagogical University, Foreign Languages Department English – major)

Speciality "Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures"


Hello, I’m Irina Abruca (Russia). Since I graduated from Kalinin University all my live has been connected with teaching English. I have always been interested in working with children and young teenagers so I did my practical work in many schools. Two years ago I started working for English-in-Klin and I believe it was luck. I had an opportunity to learn and practice another approach to teaching English quite different from one I got used to; and thus, to experience new relationships between students and a teacher that are, indeed, more cooperative. I’m inspired to work here by the unlimited energy and creativity of our Senior Teacher and, of course, by the atmosphere created both by the personnel and the students. Besides, practical support, such as seminars and library resources, are always timely and useful. I enjoy having lessons and feel happy when my students make progress. Being both a mother and a teacher I understand how important it is for a child to value his/her study and get to love the language and the learning process. .

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