Быстрый тест

Elementary (1-20)
Pre-Intermediate (21-40)
Intermediate (41-60)
Upper Intermediate (61-80)
Advanced (81-100)

My favourite sport tennis.

Roberto is Italian. He’s Italy.

you help me, please?

Moscow is the of Russia.

I leave for work quarter past eight.

The doctor told me that I smoke.

that man in the red hat?

Is your new car? It’s great!

This letter is for Tom. Give it to

We to school every day.

She often fish because it’s good for her.

She a letter at the moment.

What on Saturdays?

Look at Jane! She a red dress today!

Yesterday we to the cinema and saw a great film.

When Rome? Last summer or last winter?

London is than New York.

Paris is the city I’ve ever seen.

your homework yet?

you help me with my project, please?

It was a beautiful morning. The sun and it was very warm.

What for a living?” “She’s a teacher.”

George to work hard but he does now.

This is the gring I’ve ever seen. How much did it cost you?

If she , I’ll go on my own.

Jonathan and Fred a cup of tea at the moment.

Mum asked me how long for her.

When she back, she’ll call you.

I think I for you here. I just can’t go on walking!

There must be milk in the fridge.

Julie to San Francisco three times.

Andrew has been painting 2003.

How honey do you need?

If I rich, I’d buy a yacht.

Rainforests down and the trees are used to make paper.

I wanted but I didn’t know what to do.

Daniel works long hours, ?

He cleaned the carpets after he finished his lunch.

By next week, I the kitchen and the living room.

He swims a fish.

The blue jacket costs $50, the white jacket costs $70. The blue jacket is than the white one.

I’d rather go out for dinner tonight than dinner at home.

My cousin his holidays with us next summer.

By this time next year, Jane Spanish for two years.

Let’s go shopping, ?

Alice won’t be able to buy that car she saves some money.

Rachel be in hospital; I just talked to her and she said she was at home.

Mary works a nurse at Pillby Hospital.

John is soaking wet because he in the rain.

If you had studied harder, you the entrance exams.

I wish I at Mike; he’s not talking to me now.

I don’t think there is bread left.

he is rich, he never spends any money

Do you remember that film?

The authorities rebuilding the houses.

Dogs are very loyal pets. they can guard your property.

It’s no use the hedges cut until next month.

Her hair is not Catherine’s.

I’m not sure David lives.

You me!

She was very tired, she could not sleep.

She get a job as a teacher. She loves children.

I love going to the beach.” “

By the time the rain stopped, we two pots of coffee.

We’re going to the theatre a play.

You have a pet, ?

If you had studied more, you the exam.

He can’t decide who to his birthday party.

I tried on two pairs of trousers, but of them fitted me.

He’s tired. He properly for days.

f I had a bigger flat, I a party.

He be famous. I’ve never heard of him.

I have received a letter from my pen-friend.

When I opened the door, there wasn’t there.

I live in the city, so I busy traffic.

When I buy a new house, I every room myself.

We must run to the cinema. The film in five minutes.

It’s no use about the exam results. You’ll know soon enough.

He was dirty because he in the garden.

We live in large block of flats.

The taxi will be here in a couple of minutes. We get ready to go.

The interviewer started off me why I wanted the job.

The stairs quite steep, so be careful how you go down.

“Michael Jordan is visiting our school next week to talk about basketball.” “You mean Michael Jordan? Can you get his autograph for me?”

“Dad won’t mind us borrowing the car, will he?” “No, I "

We to the tennis club since we moved here.

they slept soundly.

Your eyes are red – ?

I don’t know when Helen back.

I an interview because I’d worked there before.

When I asked what was wrong, .

Steven the wallet.

to Paris during the vacation.

We should use time we have available to discuss John’s proposal.

Some experience is for the job.

She was as anyone could have had.

Derek nowadays, he’s so busy at the office.

in my seventies and rather unfit, I might consider taking up squash.

We were delayed an accident.

that Marie was able to retire at the age of 50.